Advanced Certification Program in Strategic Human Resources & Analytics

24 weeks of LIVE sessions with Industry Experts
Certification by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati
Mentorship and Dedicated Career Support
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    Program Duration:
    24 Weeks
    Graduates & Final Year Pursuing Graduates /Professionals (upto 10 years of experience)
    Program Duration:

    24 Weeks


    Graduates & Final Year
    Pursuing Graduates /Professionals (upto 10 years of experience)

    Key Highlights

    Get certified from E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati with Advanced Human Resources & Analytics Training from Expertrons

    Learn from leading Human Resources Industry Experts

    Program Structure

    1. Intro to HRM Foundation

      1 week • 3.5 hours

      • HR and Roles
      • HR Types, (TA, Gen., Operations, L&D, BP)
      • Organisation Structure and Design
      • HR Role in the 21st century organization
      • A day of an HR
    2. Pre-phase of recruitment

      3 week • 8.5 hours

      • What is recruitment? Types of recruitment
      • Talent Retention & Analytics
      • Identifying/ knowing the requirement
      • Workforce Planning
      • Planning and Forecasting (Workforce Needs, Crowd and Crisis Management)
      • Planning & Forecasting for Changing times
      • JD Preparation & samples
      • Creating a JD and Job Post on linkedin
      • Digital Talent Acquisition
      • Screening & Shortlisting
      • Consultant Hiring
      • Hiring through Referrals
    3. Selection-phase of recruitment

      1.5 week • 5 hours

      • Types of Hiring Rounds
      • Interview process for different job roles like IT (from recruiter pov)
      • What is Talent Acquisition, metrics & Analytics
      • How to use ATS tool (Freshteams)
    4. Post-phase of recruitment

      1.5 week • 5 hours

      • BGV (Background Verification), reference check
      • Job Offer, OL, AL, Probation
      • Sample templates
      • Drafting an appointment letter
    5. Final Assessment and assignment submission

    1. Onboarding management

      2 week • 5.5 hours

      • Introduction & Induction
      • Company Culture
      • Employer Branding
      • Employee engagement & Retention
      • Components of Market Analysis
      • Activities for Employee engagement
      • Leadership in the workplace
      • Industry Expert session on Leadership
    2. Compensation & benefits

      1 week • 3 hours

      • Compensation management for strategic capabilities
      • ESOPs, Salary breakup, Mediclaim, PF, Payroll
      • Promotion & Salary raise
    3. Talent Management

      2 week • 5.5 hours

      • Intro. to Learning and Development (L&D)
      • Training need analysis (TNA)
      • Training design & Assessments
      • Employee performance management
      • Mental health and wellbeing
      • EQ & Stress management
    4. Final Assessment and assignment submission

    1. Employee Offboarding or Exit Management

      2 week • 6.5 hours

      • Resignation, retirement and termination
      • Post Resignation Procedures
      • Conducting an Exit Interview
      • FNF & Paperwork
      • Account deletion, asset handover and reset
    2. Importance of Exit Management

      1 week • 2 hours

      • Security risk
        – Legal risk
      • Feedback
        – Leaving the door open for returning employees
      • Drafting a termination/warning letter
    3. Final Assessment and assignment submission

    1. Strategic HRM

      2 week • 6.5 hours

      • Introduction to Strategic HRM
      • People Analytics in 21st Centuary Workplace
      • Structure of the HRM function
      • Creating of HRM strategic plan
      • Implementation of strategic HRM plan
      • Monitoring and evaluating a HR strategic plan
      • Risk management
    2. HR Analytics

      1 week • 3 hours

      • Basics of HR Analytics, Concept and evolution of HR Analytics
        & Data Sources
      • Use of Workforce Analytics to improve Decision making
      • Introduction to HR Analytics & Future of HR Analytics
      • Building the performance driven culture
    3. HR Tools

      1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Design Thinking in HR
      • Strategies
      • Widely used HR Tools
      • Application
    4. Final Assessment and assignment submission

    E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati campus visit

    Expertrons Advanced Certification Programs get even better for the candidates as they can also avail a Live Learning Experience at the E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati Campus post completion of their certification.
    This visit will include:

    100% Assured Growth with E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati

    Stand out from Other Candidates
    Be among India's top 3% Marketing Professionals
    Learn from grade A Curriculum
    Become a 10x valuable Marketing Manager
    Acquire Latest Industry Skills
    Stay updated for the upcoming 10 years
    Unlock 3x Exponential Progress
    Grow your skills with 4x effectiveness

    Fastrack your career with Expertrons

    Get Noticed by Top Recruiters
    Increase your chances of getting hired by 140%
    Increase your Earning Potential
    Earn 50% returns for a secured future in 4 months
    Experience World-Class Training
    Gain 10x more productivity with expert-led sessions
    Career Transformation in 6 Months
    Become valuable not in years but in just 24 weeks

    Real People. Real Results.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The program duration is of 24 weeks.

    The program is divided into four modules. These modules will sum up to a duration of 64 hours which will be spread over 24 weeks.

    Yes. E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati is one of the most respected educational institutions in India. A certificate from E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati along with Expertrons is certainly valuable in the job market. It will differentiate the learner from other candidates.

    There are two options to pay the fees – upfront payment of full fees or no cost EMI

    The program is most beneficial for Final year undergraduates, graduates and professionals with upto 10 years of experience.

    The registration fee for this program is only ₹4,999. Learners’ seats for the program will be booked as soon as they proceed with the payment of the registration fee.

    The program is a hybrid of live sessions & recorded sessions.

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