Fullstack Web Development
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Students Placed
8.2 LPA
Average CTC
33 LPA
Highest CTC Job Offer
Hiring Partners
Students Placed
8.2 LPA
Average CTC
33 LPA
Highest CTC Job Offer
Hiring Partners
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    Stay updated for the upcoming 10 years
    Career Transformation in 6 Months
    Grow your skills with 4x effectiveness

    Program Eligibility

    Btech/Mtech/Mca/Bca || 2020-2025 || Final Yr. candidates, Recent Graduates or Working professionals in the IT domain

    Program Duration

    8 Months

    Program Fees

    With NSDC Certification ₹84,000

    With IIT G Certification ₹1,20,000

    Program Structure

    • Understanding Fundamentals of Java
    • Become a Skilled Problem Solver
    • Foundation for Advanced Data Structures
    • Boost Efficiency with Time Complexity and Space Complexity
    • Proficiency in Advanced Data Structures
    • Better Grasp of Algorithms
    • Ability to Tackle Real-World Challenges
    • Eligible for UI/UX Developer Jobs
    • Proficient in Version Control Systems
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Creative and Trending Animations
    • Proficiency in API Integration
    • Creating Dynamic UI’s
    • Understanding Types of Storage
    • Performance Optimization Using Advanced JS Techniques
    • Better Understanding of React Hooks
    • Able to Manage Complex State Using Redux
    • Indepth knowledge of Firebase and Routing
    • Eligible for Frontend Developer Roles
    • Able to Create Scalable Servers
    • In-Depth knowledge of MVC Architecture
    • Proficient in Making Complex APIs
    • Capable of Creating and Deploying Industry-Level Full-Stack Projects

    Program Fees

    Program Fees - ₹1,25,000/- (EMI Options Available)

    Program Eligibility

    Final-year students / Graduates
    (in any discipline)
    Working Professionals

    Real People. Real Results.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    MERN stack refers to a full-stack development environment using MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js. It’s a powerful combination for building modern web applications.

    This course is designed for beginners with basic programming knowledge as well as experienced developers looking to learn MERN stack development.

    Throughout the course, you will learn how to build full-fledged web applications using MERN stack, including frontend development with React, backend development with Node.js and Express, and database management with MongoDB.

    While prior programming experience is beneficial, it’s not mandatory. We cover fundamental concepts as part of the course curriculum.

    The duration of the course varies depending on your learning pace. On average, learners complete the course within 8 months.

    The pricing for the course may vary based on different factors such as duration, additional resources, and support options. Please check our website or contact us directly for the most up-to-date pricing information.

    Yes, we offer discounts for students and groups. Please reach out to us for more details on eligibility and discount rates.

    Yes, we have a refund policy in place. Please refer to our terms and conditions or contact our support team for more information on our refund policy.

    Yes, EMI options are available for the course. Please contact our support team for more information on the EMI plans and eligibility.

    Yes, each student enrolled in our Data Science & Gen AI course will have access to experienced mentors who provide guidance, support, and feedback throughout the learning journey.

    Our mentors are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in MERN stack development and teaching. They are dedicated to helping you succeed in mastering the skills required for web development.

    You can communicate with your mentor through various channels such as live chat, email, video calls, or scheduled mentorship sessions, depending on your preference and availability.

    Yes, we provide placement assistance to our students upon successful completion of the course. Our career services team offers support in resume building, interview preparation, and connecting with potential employers.

    MERN stack developers are in high demand across various industries, including technology, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and more. Our course prepares you for opportunities in a wide range of sectors.

    While job placement ultimately depends on various factors including individual effort and market conditions, many of our graduates have secured positions as MERN stack developers in reputable companies. We also provide ongoing support to help you kickstart your career.